November 30, 2023

Perfect Floral Decorations For Your Wedding

Floral decoration is one of the most important points for a successful wedding. Indeed, flowers will be present everywhere: in your reception place, in your bouquet of flowers, on your tables as decoration, and in the decoration of your reception room. They are therefore in our opinion ESSENTIAL.

The flowers chosen must be in harmony with the theme of your wedding and will affirm your style, your identity, and your creativity.

Here are some tips to create YOUR floral arrangement.

The theme of the wedding
Before making any choices, it is essential to define the theme of your wedding. After that, the choice of flowers will follow.

  • For a Provencal wedding, choose small floral decorations with lavender, wheat ears, sunflowers, or olive leaves. This type of composition will bring dynamism to the decoration and warmth.
  • For a country-style wedding, we will favor flowers with natural colors such as linen, beige, gold, and white. The flowers that can be used are grasses, lisianthus, germinis, roses, and fine flowers.
  • For a wedding with a “Glamour” theme, intense colors such as red and burgundy are preferred. We generally opt for large arrangements of roses.
  • For a classic wedding, pastel colors will be highlighted as white, purple, lilac, and pink with flowers such as roses, tulips, peonies …
  • For exotic weddings, we will opt for bright colors with flowers such as hibiscus, heliconias, alpinias.
  • For other occasions, you can also opt for flower services in Singapore.

The bride’s bouquet

The choice of the bouquet of flowers will be as important as the choice of your wedding dress. It should reflect your style, your desires, and your theme.

It should be in perfect harmony with your wedding dress and to do this, some criteria should be taken into account, especially regarding the choice of flowers, colors, and its shape. Indeed, choosing neutral colors such as white will be synonymous with purity. However, it is entirely possible to opt for a bouquet that is out of the ordinary with an atypical shape, bright colors, composed of personal effects, or natural elements such as shells, pearls, lace… Your Bouton de Rose florist will be your best ally to help you compose the bouquet of your dreams. Thanks to his flawless skills, he will guide you on the colors to choose, and the shape of the bouquet adapted to your morphology. He will also advise you on seasonal flowers, an essential element for a fresh bouquet.

Growing flower light bulbs can be either in the yard or in unique containers. Garden planting needs to make use of special plant food before the growing process. Planting blossom bulbs in containers is an additional sight. You must first get high-quality dirt, a mix of considerable nutrients, which will evoke quicker expansion of the flower bulbs.

An additional point is to choose the shapes and size of your container, to make sure that it fits the type of flower, and likewise has adequate area for the blossom light bulb to expand. Larger pots need to be used for planting greater flowers, such as Monet Tulips or Dutch Iris. Blossoms such as Anemones as well as Crocus call for smaller-sized containers. Superficial bowls as well as pots are typically made and used for growing Hyacinths or mini Daffodils. Containers must likewise have wet soil, to ensure that plants can expand easily.