June 10, 2023

Innovative ideas to make your supermarket stand out

Having innovative ideas for supermarkets is not an easy task, as it is a very broad area in which several concepts have already been tested. However, technology and creativity offer new opportunities for you to impress the customer and stand out from the competition.

Tips to get out of the routine of marketing and advertising strategies and have a more comprehensive view of supermarket management.

Increase the size of baskets and carts

Have you ever stopped to think how similar the baskets and trolleys are to each other? If the size is not enough for shopping, it creates an inconvenience for customers, because they will have to use more than one of these accessories.

Therefore, offering variable sizes is a differentiation factor that attracts more people. Besides, there is a very interesting behavioral aspect: the space that remains inside the cart provokes the sensation that something is still missing to buy, generating a stimulus to buy more.

Invest on sensorial marketing

In the supermarkets, stimulating the sensations of the clients is an essential strategy to increase the volume of purchases. For this, it is necessary to evolve the most varied senses. See, below, the main ones.

  • Vision

Visual advertising is done by means of attractive graphic pieces, such as product posters, flashy price tags, etc. Also, it is important to emphasize the most important products for your strategy, such as those produced by the company itself. Along with this, you should strongly reinforce the brand’s elements by inserting your logo and colors in several distinct elements.

You can also use color psychology. In retail, there is a very large association of red and yellow colors for food products. Likewise, electronics are linked to blue and white. So you can use this kind of artifice to guide the consumer experience (CX) through the gondolas.

  • Taste

The tasting can not be missing in a supermarket, because it is the great responsible for making the customer leave the comfort zone and risk in a new product. From this, he can attest the general quality without having to spend a penny. One of the great factors that prevents him from putting more products in the cart is the fear of trying novelties, keeping a habit of always buying the same thing, in the same quantity and of the same brand.

  • Listening

As it is not a sense directly linked to food, many supermarkets neglect the importance of sounds in the consumer experience. Shopping is a monotonous process and many people postpone it to the maximum. However, if you choose a more animated music focused on the profile of your target audience, you may be surprised by the result.

Give yourself to omnichannel

Nowadays, due to the competition brought by the Internet, it is very difficult for a supermarket to stand out without using technological tools, such as systems and strategies, to complement the consumer’s experiences at the point of sale. So, omnichannel appeared, a technique in which a business offers on-line attending channels that dialogues with the presential purchases.

A strategy that has been widely used is the availability of coupons and loyalty programs in applications. In this way, a greater bond is created with the customer, because he will constantly check the app to see if it has profitable news. Besides, he can attend the supermarket on unusual days.

Focus on gondola organization

Nobody wants to feel confused when shopping. On the contrary: products are always expected to be in place, well-organized and easily accessible. To do this, create workflows that help in the management of the gondolas, with constant checks.

Apply price psychology

Price is one of the main conversion factors within retail. In economics, there is a technical term for it, the maximization of utility. In other words, it is the perception of a consumer that he is getting the most advantages for the best value. Thus, a whole theory on the psychology of pricing has developed.

Use Big Data to make your decisions

With this technological tool, you can analyze all the data produced in your supermarket to improve choices. For example, from the sales records in the systems, Big Data can know which are the products with the highest demand at each moment, which is the average ticket, etc. Then, it performs predictive analysis to estimate future scenarios. This way, you can invest in more focused actions, such as:

  • increase the acquisition of certain goods at the expense of others;
  • focus marketing investments on products with greater chance of conversion;
  • understand the purchase behavior of customers, etc.

However, to reap the benefits of Big Data, it is essential to have an ERP management system, as it will be the main source of data.

Use the commemorative dates in your favor

Holidays and other special events, such as Mother’s Day and Easter, are very relevant occasions for all branches of retail. There is an incentive for people to attend, which makes the trade more busy. In addition, the supermarket tours themselves can become a leisure event for families.

However, it is necessary to differentiate yourself from the competition. For this, several strategies need to be adopted. For instance, through an own application, one can send notifications with coupons and promotions to be used in the store on the day of the commemorative date.

To conquer and retain customers, some innovative ideas for supermarkets are essential. After all, the consumers are already tired of having always more of the same. In this sense, technology provides new tools that should be used to maximize the success of their commercial strategies.