November 30, 2023

Small grocery store

Every neighborhood has that famous “mercadinho”, which is frequented in more emergency moments or even by meeting the needs in a more agile way than the supermarkets. That’s why there are many people interested (are you one of them?) in knowing how to set up a small grocery store.

Although it is one of the oldest trade models in the segment, it is still an interesting alternative for smaller cities or even for neighborhoods far away from large centers.

People choose to consume in grocery stores due to the practicality and agility of the service. This fact weighs against the bigger markets, which have many options, but sometimes it is necessary to face huge lines.

Characteristics of a grocery store

Although many call grocery stores “grocery stores”, there is a difference between these trades. The biggest is the variety of products that exists in a small market which, even not being very big, is still bigger than a grocery store.

Grocery stores exist to attend specific needs of the target public in a region little favored by big stores. It is the best alternative in the moments we have laziness of going very far, you know?

In the grocery store you find sweets, soft drinks, rice, toilet paper or even that bolt that you so much need, but the construction house has already closed and you can not wait until the next day.

Learn how to set up a small grocery store that generates positive results

Now that you are more into this universe, we can go to the next step and highlight which points are important to put your ideas into practice.

We gather tips that will be important for the success of your grocery store. Check it out:


Is the venture small? Yes! But it is necessary to make a planning so that it really generates positive results. After all, you are about to invest your money and expect some return, right?

Put on the tip of the pencil everything you have to invest in this business and, from this value, make the choices. List all your objectives and small goals during a certain period.

Market research

Searching for industry references is common practice in any segment. Therefore, it must be in the planning stage of your enterprise.

Go to the grocery stores that you know and study the trade. Write down the points that can be useful and those that should be avoided in your business. Since the adopted prices until the form in which the products are exposed.


For every business to achieve good results, it must be well located. Even if your interest is to learn how to set up a small grocery store it is necessary to pay attention to this detail.

As in any small business, being close to the target audience is essential. Therefore, the chosen place must be a region of easy access to the whole neighborhood you want to reach and safe so that consumers can reach you at the time they prefer.


No matter how small the business is, investing in disclosure is fundamental for people to know that it exists. But when we talk about divulgation, we are not referring to a great financial effort.

To put an attractive banner in front of the place is a simple way of divulgation, but that can generate satisfactory return.

Do you have a little extra money for disclosure? Investing in ads on social networks can be quite a strategy! After all, it is possible to construct a segmentation and reach the people that pass near your grocery store, for instance. It is a very assertive and accessible method for small businesses.

Legal and specific requirements

You know that boring and bureaucratic part, but necessary to open a business? The time to talk about it has come! But stay here with us, because it’s a very important subject for you to be aware of these demands.

Any simple mistake regarding the legality of the business can delay its opening. So, for everything to happen as planned, we recommend hiring a qualified accounting professional so that he can enter into the processes of drafting the constituent acts of the company.

Besides, he will have a fundamental role in the choice of the most adequate legal model for your enterprise. He may also be responsible for filling out the forms required by public agencies for registration as a legal entity.

Having this professional help is important for your business to be within the legalities. With this, you will hardly have any unpleasant surprises and you will be able to dedicate yourself to other issues.