July 4, 2022

Supermarket Marketing Ideas

The purpose of any marketing action is to attract a great number of clients to sell more and have more chances of fidelizing these consumers. Thus, the regular purchase is guaranteed, while the relationship between buyer and company becomes each time closer. The purpose is to stimulate the clients to spend more. When your supermarket reaches this level, you have more chance to transform buyers into faithful buyers. To reach this position, it is necessary to think since the store layout until the promotions made for the goods.

Marketing tips to help you to reach this objective:

1 – Always use creativity

Besides the routine promotions, be creative betting on creativity and differential. On the marketing area, one of the main concepts is to involve the shopper with your brand, to create a great engagement. That’s why it is interesting to have a more structured thought and try to escape from the common.

To do that, look for ideas even outside the country, it is worth to be inspired on international cultures and also try to know very well the work of its concurrent. Promote action initiatives, promotions, special discounts, fun gifts, diverse products, creative posters, everything that calls the maximum attention of your client. Always be one step ahead, and don’t just do what all the other supermarkets do. Explore creativity and for sure your supermarket will attract more customers and generate more sales!

2 – Make interactive promotions

Offer more than products with discount, give your customers something more, be the differential. Provide recipes for food or drinks, teach how to combine wines and dishes, give beauty tips or how to store food. Many supplier companies gain benefits in participating in this type of campaign and even have available funds and professional teams to help.

3 – Invest in seasonality

Always take advantage of a holiday, a change of season, vacations or other important dates to make your campaigns and promotions. Always be aware of the promotional calendar, which every day appears with a different date, which fits perfectly to become a promotional campaign.

4 – Create sustainable actions

Use your POS to create initiatives that bring clear advantages to the community, such as collection of recyclable materials, collection of used batteries, campanha do agasalho, collection of used oil or collection of invoices for NGOs.

5 – Place fresh food at the entrance:

This is a basic strategy to attract consumers in this type of business! Giving prominence to food that has just come out of the oven or fresh food will attract much more attention. In supermarkets people are often vulnerable to food recommendations.

Learn to highlight those sales that are not imagined – that is, that are made because there is a chance. Impulse buying can greatly increase your supermarket’s profit. Leave goods such as sweets, chewing gum, snacks and chocolates in sight, along with other products and at the checkouts. This way, the opportunities for the client not to resist the temptation of those products is much bigger than if they were hidden in any aisle of the market.

6 – Offer expressive discounts

Give discounts and make a stock burning for those goods that are not selling so well. A good tip is to offer more then one product for the same price, on “pay 2, take 3” promotions. To carry out these campaigns, make a calculation of your stock and find out what could be advantageous, thus creating a sales tactic.

7 – Have your own card.

Supermarkets that have their own credit card grow, and a lot, the chance to attract customers and make them loyal. With an own card solution inside your establishment, it becomes possible to create more pleasant forms of payment for the client and with more security for your business.

It is interesting to invest in customer loyalty, especially in supermarkets, since these businesses, constantly, end up being visited by customers who live nearby and get used to making daily, weekly or biweekly purchases.

8 – Use social networks to attract more customers

It is good to keep an account on the main social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Whatsapp, in order to update and engage your customers about the promotions and new merchandise. Digital marketing, today, is the new form of mouth to mouth propaganda. Think of posts that combine with your brand, and that are performed effectively. Publish content that makes your audience interact, try to know what they think of the promotions and what they usually buy more, so you can make more promotions to engage them, this is a fast and guaranteed way to get people talking about your business.

9 – Invest on a great service

Nowadays it is much better for the company that its employee creates an affective bond with the client, trying to understand what he needs, instead of pushing him each time more goods, leaving the sensation of trap or dislike in the air. Welcoming employees who know how to listen to customers are a very important differential for those who want to keep their business successful.

10 – Improve the lighting of your store

The lighting is able to build up the whole atmosphere of the store, helping to attract customers’ interest for featured items. There are three methods of lighting composition:

  • Primary lighting – is the general lighting of the point of sale;
  • accent lighting – is responsible for attracting the customer’s focus to a specific point;
  • ambient lighting – is the set of lights and shadows used to create effects and highlight products or areas of the POS (usually used in marketing strategies to boost sales of certain products).

A good lighting in stores influences and directs the public at the moment of closing a deal, providing a positive shopping experience.

11 – Use ambient music in the supermarket

Music is a key piece that has the power to move people’s emotions. Slower songs, for example, bring tranquility, which can eliminate that feeling of anxiety of the client when doing the shopping. Besides everything, when a person hears a song he likes, he becomes familiar with the environment. As a consequence, if the client feels comfortable in his supermarket, he spends more time to see all the offers with more calm, being able to take even more products.

Did you know that it is possible to conciliate the ambient music with the advertisements of your supermarket? That’s right, through a customized radio for supermarket it is possible to insert ads between the songs. This way, you can use the radio to publicize the services offered by your supermarket, the offers of the day, the loyalty club and even make announcements to customers in a quick and practical way. With this facility you ensure that all customers will be aware of the promotional items and consequently you can increase your sales!